Dripper Atomizers

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  • Atty Cubed


    Atty Cubed

    Product Features:

    Unique Box Mod Centric Design and Form Factor
    Split Center Post with 2mm Post Holes
    Deckmilled Negative Posts with 2mm Post Holes
    6mm Deep Juice Well
    Dual Staggered Airslot Airflow
    7mm by 2mm
    Stagger Cut Airflow Adjustable Top Cap
    11mm Ultrabore Broadcap
    510 Adapter
    German Made PEEK Insulator
    304 Stainless Steel
    Silver Plated Contact

  • Avocado 24 RDTA by Geekvape


    Avocado 24 RDTA

    Product Features:


    • 24mm Diameter
    • 5mL Juice Well
    • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
    • High-Temp Resistant Silica Glass Reinforcement
    • Side-Tension Vertical Two-Post Design
    • Deckmilled Negative Post
    • PEEK Insulated Positive Post
    • 2mm Termimal Holes
    • Extra Ceramic Block for Further Customization
    • Single or Dual Coil Configuration
    • Dynamic Adjustable Airflow Control
    • Dual Side Airslots
    • Triple 2mm Airslots in Single and Dual Pairing
    • Hinge-Lock Fill System
    • 4.5mm Wicking Holes in Chamber
    • Expose Chamber for Refills
    • Gold-Plated 510 Adjustable Pin



  • Freakshow



    Product Features:

    Stainless steel Construction
    22mm diameter
    2 gigantic bottom feeding airflow holes which allows air to hit the coils directly underneath, giving you that amazing flavor!
    Airflow is directed from under coils
    Very deep juice well
    Three piece design
    Top cap can be removed for ease of dripping
    Removable deck for easy building
    Tri-post construction that is easy to build on
    Original and Affordable

  • iJoy Limitless RDTA PLUS


    iJoy Limitless RDTA PLUS

    Features and Specs:

    • Co-Designed by Limitless and iJoy
    • Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer
    • Dimensions: 2-3/8″ x 1″ (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
    • 25mm Diameter
    • 510 Gold Plated Adjustable Pin with PEEK Insulator
    • 6.3ml e-Liquid Capacity
    • Upgraded Velocity-Style Dual Post Design
    • Hybrid Compatible
    • Glass Tank
    • Colored Titanium Screws
    • 2.5mm Post Holes
    • 11mm Post Distance
    • Includes (4) Grub Screws and (1) Replacement Glass
    • Includes 510 Delrin Drip Tip Adapter
    • Includes Single Coil Adapter
    • Innovative Cotton Reservoirs
    • Innovative Side Fill
    • Adjustable Air Flow


  • Mini Freakshow


    Mini Freakshow

    Manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel
    22mm in diameter
    Incredibly short height (Measures at 17mm in Height)
    Stealth delrin drip tip port alongside a dual finned top cap for maximal heat dissipation
    Slotted post holes to account for wire and build variability
    Allen keyed screws to minimize loosening
    Airflow has been slimmed down yet widened to accommodate as much intake as possible
    Single and Dual Coil Airflow configurations
    Three gigantic outer airflow slots, and two gigantic inner airflow slots for maximum air delivery (All measures at 9mm x 3mm)
    Two for dual and one for single coil configuration. Airflow Holes are Fully Adjustable!
    Wick channels maximize the deep juice well space
    Ultra deep juice well despite its small size (Measures at 5mm deep)
    Negative posts are milled to the deck for rigidity and maximum electrical conductivity
    Adjustable Silver Plated Copper Contact ensures top grade conductivity

  • Mini Royal Hunter RDA


    Mini Royal Hunter RDA

    The legendary Royal Hunter now comes in a more compact form! The Royal Hunter Mini features a tri-band, high intake airflow for great vapor production and a reduced top cap and chamber for enhanced flavor.


    2mm Post holes

    2.5mm deep juice well

    Heat resistant acrylic drip tips

  • Mutation X V4


    Mutation X V4

    Multi-sized Angled Bottom Airflow
    1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm
    Airflow Controlled By Included Silicon Sealing Plug
    Dual Parallelogram Side Airflow Array
    18 Total / 3 x 3 Array
    2mm Each
    Bladed Angular Side Airflow Control
    Single, Dual, or Fully Closed
    11mm Widebore Competition Drip Cap
    Delrin Tip
    Flush Heat Reducing Delrin 510 Adaptor Top Cap
    Polycarbonate Chamber Extender Compatible With Either Top Cap
    Deckmilled Negative Posts
    2mm Postholes
    Split Positive Post
    2mm Postholes
    5mm Deep Juice Well
    Philips Screw Heads
    Triple O-Ring Secured Base
    304 Stainless Steel
    Available in Stainless Steel, Black, White, and Logo-less Copper
    Silver Plated Copper Connection
    PEEK Insulators

  • Sapor RDA


    Sapor RDA by WOTOFO

    The Sapor RDA is an affordable authenthic dripper. Featuring a square split positive post with a peek insulator, 6mm deep juice well, and huge adjustable top airflow this rda is great for flavor and clouds not to mention its quite leak proof.

  • SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box 220W Kit


    SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box 220W All In One Kit

    The SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box 220W All In One System is a revolutionary new system backed by one the strongest brands in the industry, designed off of the critically acclaimed Alien 220W Box Mod, packing in a tremendous 9ml tank reservoir, ultra sophisticated output, and a versatile two post RDTA deck. Intended as the ultimate in all in one systems, the Skyhook is fundamentally grounded in design from the SMOK Alien 220W, maintaining the same principle style and design language. SMOK has utilized extensive restructuring to only marginally increase the width while integrating a massive 9ml integrated tank reservoir, a true feat in design and engineering. The 9ml tank reservoir is filled via a dedicated threaded cap measuring 15mm in diameter, allowing users to very quickly fill the reservoir to maximum capacity. The RDTA section directly accesses the Skyhook’s reservoir, featuring a stacked two post design with each terminal measuring 3mm by 2mm, giving it tremendous versatility. The airflow system is also extensive, with six adjustable side airslots and dual bottom airslots that provide tremendous maximum airflow. The Skyhook utilizes the most advanced two battery powered SMOK display and chipset to date, with a range of 6 to 220W, three output modes, and full temperature control, driven by two high amperage 18650 batteries (sold separately) run in series. The Skyhook also integrates a squeeze to fire mechanism, allowing for the complete showcase of the industry leading OLED screen. With a display matrix that features a six line and three column display, the OLED screen is unique in that it natively shows each batteries state and life individually, with incredibly rich data feedback overall. Positioning itself as the marquee all in one system to date that combines the beloved design and output of the Alien 220W with a 9ml tank reservoir, the SMOK Skyhook RDTA Box 220W All In One Kit is this year’s must have system for any enthusiast.


  • Velocity RDA


    Velocity RDA

    The Velocity is a unique design full of groundbreaking features. With infinite air flow adjustments and endless coiling options there is no limit to the possibilities. The large deep well two post design opens up a rediculous amount of coiling options. Fully adjustable direct horizontal H-Slots feed air to even the most demanding coil as well as flavor chasers. Six fully adjustable indirect intake holes bring in additional air to help cool hot builds. The Velocity’s unique two post open deck design should satisfy even the most seasoned vaper.


    304 stainless steel
    510 threading
    22mm outside diameter.
    28mm overall height w/o drip tip
    Two post design
    Dual screw positive/negative posts
    Unique side mounted post screws
    Offset positive post (no center post)
    Solid copper center pin
    High temp PEEK insulators (replaceable)
    Large diameter 6.5mm deep open liquid well
    Split cap design
    Infinite direct/indirect air flow adjustment
    Dual 2mm x 8mm h-slots (horizontal slots) for direct air flow
    6 x 2mm fully adjustable indirect air holes
    Double o rings for a firm primary cap seal
    Primary cap lock tab for precision air slot alignment
    Custom threaded large 12mm bore drip cap ( no orings/no friction fit)
    Custom threaded 510 drip tip adapter

  • Cotton Bacon V2 by Wick N Vape


    Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 has been specifically formulated for vaping. We start with select U.S. grown cotton fiber; then take it through a proprietary purification process to remove impurities, natural oils and pesticides. Cotton Bacon is created in a state of the art facility to provide vapers with an easy to use 100% tasteless cotton wick. Simply pinch and tear.

    This new version maintains the form users have grown to love with its 4″ length, heavy body, easy to use bacon strip that allows for easy tearing to fit your size coil. Our U.S. grown dual fiber stacks up to the driest, high heat and high power applications. No more break-in flavor with our proprietary purifying process along with clean room packing practices give the user the purest taste from the start. To keeps cost down and convenience up, we use a food grade P.E.T, resealable travel size package.

    Our goal was to create 100% cotton wick that is clean, pure and durable.

  • native wicks

    Native Wicks Pima Cotton


    Native Wicks Pima Cotton

    Native Wicks Pima Cotton

    Native Wicks is a premium Pima cotton grown in the USA. Native Wicks is hand-crafted from it’s birth in the field and through many production processes; before it eventually makes it inside your atomizer. Native Wicks is designed specifically for the use of vaping, this is not your normal re-packaged cotton. This pima-quality cotton contains zero pesticides, chemicals or natural oils found in most other brands of cotton not intended for vaping. Native Wicks cotton doesn’t have a “break in period” and provides a clean flavor from your first pull to the last. It is extremely heat resistant and absorbent making it great for all your vaping needs. Whether it be competition, sub-ohming, or flavor chasing we are tried-and-true through all different styles of vaping. Native Wicks boosts flavor and performance in every type of RBA and RDA. Bottom fed, top fed, even genesis atomizers.

    Meticulously hand-crafted Native Wicks is one of the cleanest and safest vaporizing cotton in the industry. We put the utmost time and passion into each package to insure the ultimate vaping experience for our customers.

    Each package of Native Wicks contains 36” of  American grown premium pima cotton in a sealable plastic can.

    Why is Pima different?

    Pima is the longest and strongest natural cotton fiber in existence. Our premium pima cotton is carded and combed. Carded is the cleaning step which removes all filament and plant materials. Combing separates out the short and weak fibers by means of a rotating ring or rectilinear row of steel pins. Then the process of combing is accompanied by gilling, a process of evening it out making it suitable for spinning. The end result is all fibers are straightened out and lie parallel to each other. During examination a piece is extremely thick, there are thousands of single uniform strands bunched up into a one thick rope like strip. Because of the large amount of fibers in one small area and each of them being independent of each other, it creates tension and strength which differs from all other forms cotton.

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