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BREAKING: New Cole-Bishop Vaping Bill Introduced

The new FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017 will change the deeming predicate date.

Vapers have federal legislation to fight for again. And there’s a good chance it can succeed.

A new bill has been introduced by Reps. Tom Cole (R-OK) and Sanford Bishop (D-GA) that would change the predicate date in the FDA’s deeming regulations. The legislation is called the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017.

Changing the predicate date will not prevent the FDA from having approval authority over products introduced after the new predicate date, but it allows all current products to remain on the market without applying for marketing approval. Existing products will still have to meet safety and marketing standards imposed by the agency.

Read the rest of the article here, and be sure to get those calls and letters into your Congressman so we can get this thing going!

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Is Vaping Being Treated Unfairly?


As regulations become more stringent on airlines, a curious issue has made itself apparent when it comes to the banning of vaping products and other electronics on board airlines.

The Hill is reporting that Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat from Connecticut, wrote an open letter to more than a dozen airlines this week, urging them to ban vape products altogether from being brought on board in carry-on luggage. The senator believes that by banning all vape products, explosions would be far less frequent on flights.

Read the rest of the article here:


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11 Lies the Media Tells You About Vaping


Don’t be fooled!!  Here are 11 lies the media tells to scare people away from vaping.

#1 – They’re coming for your children!

The FDA prohibits e-cigarette manufacturers from claiming their products are safer than smoking, a tool to quit smoking, smoke-free, or even that they don’t contain tobacco. Being prevented from advertising truthfully any of the real benefits of vaping, the few manufacturers that advertise at all to the general audience naturally fall back on tried and true ad techniques. They’ve used celebrities and glamorous imagery to promote their products.

And that has earned them accusations of tricking innocent children into nicotine addiction. Especially hilarious is the idea that an aging actors like Jenny McCarthy and Stephen Dorff (who have done Blu ads) are somehow teen idols. Most teenagers probably have never heard of them. But that didn’t stop Sen. Blumenthal from accusing vapor companies of “using the same tactics and ads used by Big Tobacco that proved so effective.”

#2 – Nicotine is as addictive as heroin

Most scientists believe nicotine is addictive, but there is considerable debate about how addictive it is when separated from cigarettes. When you inhale smoke, nicotine is delivered rapidly to the bloodstream and the brain, producing a rapid reward that the brain craves again and again. Tobacco smoke has other alkaloids (and additives) that increase the smoker’s desire for more.

Other kinds of nicotine products deliver it with less direct way. The FDA says nicotine gum, patches, and inhalers “do not appear to have significant potential for abuse or dependence.” There’s no reason to assume that vaping is any more addictive than those products.

Read the rest of the article here:

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Twisted Liquidz Ejuice


Have you tried any of the delicious flavors from Twisted Liquidz yet?  If not, you’re seriously missing out! These premium juices are so delicious – I can’t get enough of them.  AND, they’re made right here in DFW!  So do your taste buds a favor, and support local business while you’re at it, and try some of these wonderful juices today!

Cyclone is an assorted berries and cream mixture.  This one has a full-bodied mouthfeel and a very sweet and creamy base, almost like a parfait.

Friction is a tangy citrus and sweet nectarine combination.  This is a complex mix.  You may notice something different with each taste, but the sweet tangy-ness is always in the forefront.

Helix is an icy cold peppermint with a dark, creamy exhale.  This one is fairly sweet and very cold without being overly minty.

Infusion is a sweet, decadent dessert flavor.  Like a moist, buttery cake, smothered with cream cheese icing and sprinkled with cinnamon and brown sugar.

Monsoon is a complex tropical fruit and wild berry mix.  This flavor is sweet with notes of citrus and undertones of sweet cream and strawberries.

Revolver is a rugged tobacco swirled together with a sweet and creamy almond toffee.  It’s sure to please fans of sweet tobacco flavors everywhere.

Vortex is a sweet melon flavor with citrus and berry undertones.  This one seems to change flavor on you after vaping it for a little while.  The melon falls away a bit and the complexity of the flavor shows through.